Our Vision
To be a Christ-centred church where our love for God and one another causes a ripple effect, inspiring others to follow Jesus.
Kobus and Nivaska Genis
A new church plant

Kobus and Nivaska believe that God has called them to plant  a church in Navarre, Florida.  

Life Skills Through Bible Skills

YOU are invited to come and experience how an understanding

of God's Word can help you to face and thrive in our challenging world.

Venue: Best Western Navarre Waterfront (coffee and snacks will be served)

For more information contact Pastor Kobus Genis at 250-258-1296 or info@gpschurch.net

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Our Beliefs


GPS Church is committed to reaching out to our community, neighbors, coworkers, and friends with the love of Jesus. We want people to know and love Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We do that by inviting, connecting, equipping, and serving. 


We believe there has never been anyone like Jesus. We will do all we can to get as many as we can to respond to and encounter the love found only in Jesus Christ and to make Jesus the Lord and Saviour of their lives.  


We believe that responding to the love of God found in Jesus includes connecting with His family, the church. We will intentionally connect with each other… encourage each other… and care for each other.   


We believe we are called to align our lives with God’s purposes. We will help each other discover our gifts and grow our faith to be equipped for service. We believe in life skills through Bible skills. 


We believe God gives each of us unique purposes that can impact our community and the world. We will serve others in and outside the church, joining God’s kingdom work around us

Our Values
Our Core Values serve to guide our internal conduct and our relationship with the world.

Prayer: Public, private, and communal prayer is central to all that we do      

Authentic Community: We long to belong

Contagious Generosity: It is better to give than to receive      

Servanthood as a Lifestyle: When we serve others; we serve Christ     

Diversity: We believe Jesus' death was intended to bring reconciliation, so our churches should be the most diverse communities on the planet.     

Biblical Skills: Knowing how to navigate through the Bible helps people navigate through life      

Honesty: Living a life with integrity

What happens when we give?
More than we could ever imagine.

Through our prayers, presence, gifts, donations, service and witness,

God works through us as we become a pipeline through which God's blessings flow. 

God works with us as we become partners in God's mission to renew and restore all things to Himself. 

God works in us as we align our treasure with what He treasures and in doing so we become more like Jesus.

What happens when we give? More than we could ever imagine. Give generously and discover what God can do because of you.

How can we pray for you?

We live in very challenging times. People are going through a lot. Today, we want to pray for anything that weighs on your heart – such as family members, relationships, health, or finances. It is our honor to pray for you.